Customer Reviews

By - Douglas January 02 2018
Great purchase! I'm happy with it.
By - michael December 31 2017
Great purchase! I'm happy with it.
By - Shimpei December 27 2017
By - Thomas December 26 2017
By - Aarona December 22 2017
I love this product! I use this everyday and would definitely recommend!
By - Jonathan December 19 2017
So far working perfectly. no complaints. dryer works great.
By - Jeanette Stephens December 18 2017
I was nervous to have a washer and dryer installed in my RV but I am so glad I did it. This washer is so efficient and saves me so much time and money. I no longer have to haul my loads to and from the laundry mat. The customer service and quality of this company is top notch. I completely recommend this washer and dryer to anyone in the market! Wish I could give it 10 stars!Pros: Reliable, Runs well, Efficient, Easy to use controls
By - CuteRed December 10 2017
It's just so cute, for a small family it works great. Doesn't take up allot of space. Only draw back is one load wash and dry at a time. But love it.
By - David S. December 09 2017
By - Bubbles December 03 2017
Love it! Has light inside refrigerator. Makes ice cubes quickly in the freezer. Good space in freezer interior. Nice support brackets inside refrigerator door. Produce tray and two removable glass shelves in refrigerator. Decent space inside. Temperature adjustment works great. This is a very nice refrigerator. Looks nice on the outside as well. Not too heavy. Highly recommended..
By - Jim November 16 2017
Website easy to navigate. Prompt delivery and products have been great. Have had zero problems
By - Bruce November 14 2017
By - Jack November 07 2017
Just what I was looking for, my laundry room is 60 feet from any outside wall of my house and the dryer vent line kept getting plugged with lint and caused my old drying to burn out within two years, the Vent Bucket is easy to clean and only needed 4 feet of vent from dryer to bucket.
By - Pamela from Palm Springs, CA November 03 2017
By - Wendy Maclay November 02 2017
customer was very happy with the service provided.
By - Sylyse Inc Rivera November 02 2017
By - Joby November 01 2017
Installed in my RV and fit lovely. Still learning it but overall for the few loads i used it on ok. Will know more after using it a little longer
By - Missy October 19 2017
I purchased this combo and absolutely love its compact size! I didn't have a lot of space where my hook ups were, so this worked perfectly. Due to the size, a standard size load for me, now has to be separated into 2 loads, however that's to be expected with a compact size like this.
By - Tiffany October 17 2017
: I love the quality of the material makes my kitchen look S heek and elegant, plus the fan is awesome
By - Irene October 15 2017
The unit was smaller where 2 pair of jeans could be washed at a time, but did the job. It did jump on the floor when spin cycle on
By - tbro October 11 2017
This washer/dryer combo is great! It installed easily and works beyond my expectations. I previously owned a Splendide model which was similar but didn't have the vented drying capability therefore loads took an inordinate amount of time to dry. This thing dries like a normal dryer and I love the fact I can put in a load to wash and dry and not have to worry about changing appliances. It's the perfect appliance.
By - Sharon Hanson October 09 2017
Comment: service provided by us and technician was good
By - Marshall K October 04 2017
Very pleased with the service provided. Also the technician was good and knowledgeable
By - Richrd1121 October 04 2017
Bought for my mom she lives in an apartment, works good for her you do need to have a dedicated spot for it as it has no wheels
By - Lynn October 03 2017
I’ve only had the washer for 3weeks but it has been far better than expected for a small washer. The clothes are very clean and machine runs as if it was one of the big boys.
By - OstkUser1140294 October 02 2017
Haven't official put the washer on top, but I did try out the pump in the bath tub. Let me tell you this thing bad arsssss. when it reached a certain level out water it kicked in and blew water out the hose like no 2morrow. Hope I am never in a situation of water flooding out of my washer but I know this thing will work!
By - Eva September 28 2017
perfect fit for an office kitchenette
By - Stacey September 26 2017
Was exactly as described. It is definitely a smaller washer but is perfect for 2 people. I have the dryer vented out and it works great.
By - Joey from Mobile, AL September 25 2017
By - Raydc September 25 2017
As a brand that I hadn't heard of, I was skeptical, but this washer/dryer combo (vented even!) has worked out much better than I expected. No, they cycles aren't as short as a separate washer and dryer, but when you don't have to take out the wash to put in the dryer, does it really matter? This unit is in a beach house, so it works out fine in a two bedroom one bath place. More than that, I'd recommend a standard washer/dryer stackable or separates..
By - Jeannie September 19 2017
By - Sunshine September 19 2017
Good product
By - Heidi September 17 2017
I really needed this kit for my washing machine so I can roll it to the sink to use the water. The Wheels roll nicely and they do not scratch the hardwood floor.
By - Lester September 16 2017
Didnt have much space in our RV for a freezer ,but this one really works well and FITS!!!
By - Consuelo September 11 2017
I love the convenience of it not taking so much space and at the same time be able to chill more than enough wine bottles to host a get together.
By - Deborah Amaral September 08 2017
The service is excellent.
By - Pamela September 06 2017
There are 2 rinse cycles and the last one is hot. Can't change it unless you have special hookup. Not happy with this "feature".
By - LUCKY September 05 2017
Works great...good support. I really like it and love to show it off to my friends
By - maria J September 04 2017
I purchased this washer and dryer to add a washer and dryer upstairs. It does not require a 220v power. So, can be plugged into a regular outlet. It's perfect for what I wanted it for. The picture shows them stacked,but, the instructions say to mount the dryer on the wall. We were able to purchase a mount for the top in order to stack it. The handle to open the washer and dryer is a bit flimsy, so, requires careful use not to break. Washes and dries great! Overall very satisfied with my purchase.
By - Gary September 01 2017
I find it to be an excellent ice maker for the money. Don't believe the product description. It makes and holds about 8lbs of ice. If it says more then it must have some way of filling to the top. If you keep it dumped (2gal ziplock backs work great) it makes will make about 10lbs a day. The ice bar shuts it off at about 7lbs. It does make ice very quickly, not much at a time..about 6 cubes but freezes quick and dumps about every 30 minutes. Does have a tendency to frost up and needs defrosting about every three weeks. Being level is an absolute must with a slight height increase on the front side, otherwise the water level will freeze in the gears stopping operation. Very quiet. We got this for our RV and it works great as long as level is right. I suggest getting the extended warranty as I have read lots of reviews on other sites that seem to have problems with this model. I have had none other than water freezing in the gears. defrosting and re leveling fixed problem.
By - David August 29 2017
Perfect size, just right for my apartment.
By - Hahaha August 29 2017
I love this little machine!! I was afraid because I've heard combo machines don't dry right or take forever... nope, this little machine is amazing!! I highly recommend it.
By - LandD August 22 2017
We are extremely satisfied with this machine. We replaced the existing combo unit in our motorhome with this machine. Wow! What an improvement. The clothes are clean. We vented the dryer outside and it works well.
By - Yonkers, NY August 09 2017
So, overall, I love the dryer, it does just what it should and it does it well. It matches the washer and I love it.
By - Rochester, NY August 08 2017
Have to say this is one of the best dryers I`ve ever owned. It does not wrinkle clothes and dries towels and heavier items very quickly.
By - Ogdensburg, St August 08 2017
I like how you can wash and dry all in one and was perfect for my small apartment. While still learning how to use my new washer dryer combo, I am enjoying the product.
By - Oswego, Os August 08 2017
Amazing addition to our home. Love this Washer and Dryer combo. I would recommend this product to anyone that does not have the space for both.
By - Olean,Ca August 08 2017
This thing is like my own personal laundry butler. This is a nice washer/dryer combo perfect for small living space.
By - Cocky August 01 2017
it's great, very compact.
By - Pam August 01 2017
easy to install.
By - Danny July 12 2017
Works Very good I have not had any problems with it.
By - Dee June 20 2017
This is like a little giant in my small space. Once I learned how to use it, was awesome. Set it and leave to run errands!
By - Verygood1 May 26 2017
My thoughts are in total agreement with the word "excellent.
By - Hadtolinethem May 20 2017
Fitted a tiny space and runs well
By - Carolyn April 27 2017
So far I like this machine. It runs quiet and does a good job. I live in an assisted living center and this sits in my closet. I have one cold water tap hooked up with a y connector.
By - Maynerd April 18 2017
This item is in our 5th wheel we live in. It can be vented or not. Works better when it drys when vented. Washs great everything very clean, drying works great on light weight items. Takes very long time to dry Jeans, towels or any heavyweight item. Love the convenience to have this. We compared a lot of the washes before we bought this one.
By - Anita123 April 18 2017
Comment great machine - the washing machine dryer combo by deco optional venting is impecable! thouroughly cleans all the clothes leaving the clothes looking clean and smelling fresh!it only takes half the time and effort than just condensing alone.all the different wash cycles make it easy and convenient to wash clothes.an added bonus is the different temperature settings which helps with heavier soiled clothes a definite recommend great product.
By - Dee April 10 2017
Best - I love it. Tge sensor beeps off if the clothes not put in right and it dries all clothes i a half hour
By - Maynerd April 01 2017
This item is in our 5th wheel we live in. It can be vented or not. Works better when it drys when vented. Washs great everything very clean, drying works great on light weight items. Takes very long time to dry Jeans, towels or any heavyweight item. Love the convenience to have this. We compared a lot of the washes before we bought this one.
By - Nonnie08 March 30 2017
The Combo was a little tricky to figure out but I've now done two loads without a hitch and they came out beautifully. It's no noisier than any other washer and drier and fit into a linen closet which allows me to do laundry above the basement. I highly reccomend it.
By - Pammy March 24 2017
By - laundry March 24 2017
Machine runs great perfect for a small space, the only thing is I wish I had it sooner.
By - laundry March 24 2017
Machine runs great perfect for a small space, the only thing is I wish I had it sooner.
By - Frito March 24 2017
The washer dryer has improvements over my last one that was 14 years old.frito
By - Countrygirl March 24 2017
Purchased Jan 2017. For small spaces it's great, for looks its great. It does not dry cottons well at all. Items like my jeans, yoga pants, cotton pajamas I have to hang up to dry. But I knew that before I bought the machine as I have had a similar product made by LD about 15 years ago. I live in Canadian, this product was really hard to get but I knew I wanted one, so I went through jumps and hoops to get it, bypassing the tricky Home Depot US/Canadian relations. I had to go pick it up in the US at a delivery center 1 hr away but I figured it would fit in the back of my SUV which it did. The machine can vent outside as well as vent into the plumbing system I have connected up both but not sure if it is venting outside when I want it to. Still need to figure that out. I was disappointed that Home Depot would not let me pick this item up at their store. The manufacture called me to see to check on my purchase and that was very nice of them. I still need to unplug the machine pull it out of its spot once again to raise the feet so it sits a little higher in the space I built for it.
By - Boris March 24 2017
Product is much better than a less expensive model purchased on amazon (which my wife and I believe was a Chinese knock-off). Make sure you remove the shipping beams once you get the machine, because otherwise it will dance around like it's in a Russian ballet (which will destroy the housing and electrical systems). Seems to run smoothly... though it has to run for two (1 hour) dry cycles to dry clothes (not a terrible situation, just a bit higher electricity usage than desired).
By - Lisa B March 24 2017
By - Miranda March 23 2017
Just what we wanted for our office. Just the right size
By - Barbara March 23 2017
The elp pan is the perfect item to prevent washing machine leaks , from causing major damage to our RV. Thanks for the prompt delivery.
By - Gator February 28 2017
I bought this combo to replace a Splendide combo in my motorhome. The size was compatible with the Splendide and the Combo slid right in. The Combo has features that were not available on the Splendide, and the cost was much less. I have not experienced any operational problems, as the Combo operates as advertised.
By - John M. February 22 2017
By - Amy February 21 2017
Great price! and fast delivery!
By - Daniel Sobers November 23 2016
Equator is quiet a decent brand, but compact size is the reason i purchased the supercombo and i am quiet impress. I will use and update the review.
By - Paul Dummond November 25 2015
Really good machine overall, It does a full size load of clothes with no problem and they come out super clean, This washes just like any other washer, actually better then the last one in our house.
By - Jean W November 09 2015
Love the combo washer/dryer. For those who live in condos where you can’t vent a dryer outside, this is the answer. It’s great to put the clothes in and be able to wash and dry them all at once. Overall I am satisfied with the purchase and enjoy the convenience of it.
By - Robert J Morrison September 30 2015
The combination of washer and dryer with such size is just amazing. It does a great job. it is extremely quiet and dry the clothes very well. It has a decent number of wash/dry options. Delay option and the drying is pretty decent.
By - David F August 08 2015
I am happy and satisfied with my purchase, I like the controls and functions, able to wash a lot of laundry.
By - Dean N August 04 2015
A good purchase, so far its working good, no issues.
By - Rene D- Sears August 03 2015
I am very happy with the unit
By - John L- Costco July 25 2015
Using the machine is very convenient, it is compact and efficient, I am extremely satisfied and would recommend it to everyone.
By - Chris M- Costco July 12 2015
I started using a couple of days ago, added feature is the condensing unit, I like the size a lot,the depth of the unit is great as i am able to wash a lot of laundry.
By - Steven D- Bestbuy June 20 2015
content with my decision to purchase this , satisfied with its size and performance, you have a good service as well , I like the way you follow u after making the sale as well.
By - Sandy U May 23 2015
it cleans laundry amazingly, very satisfied with the functions and the performance.
By - Charles D May 05 2015
Happy with the product.
By - Paul D March 20 2015
No complaints so far, very happy with the unit.
By - Raymond M January 23 2015
It functions good, overall satisfied.
By - Ronda T January 03 2015
great options available on the controls, like the performance more likely the size , I would love to recommend it to my family and friends.